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Holland Art House started in West Chester in 2002 to promote and sell the art made by artists from The Netherlands. The activities included solo and group exhibitions, with an emphasis on groundbreaking exhibits as well as retrospectives of promising and accomplished artists.
In January 2006 we moved and integrated our activities with The Arts Scene. We also opened the doors for artists from anywhere else in the world. Ben Gall, the founder of Holland Art House and The Arts Scene, is a native of Holland and still has a weakness for Dutch contemporary art. This means that at least 50 % of the art shown in The Holland Art section will be of Dutch origin.

We support now several local artists and several, mainly European, foreigners that live in this area. You will find jewelry and contemporary art by artists now living in this area but original from The Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Spain but also from India, Peru. A real melting pot you could say!

Holland Art House also promotes the use of art for consumer and business-to-business incentive campaigns.

Art promotes understanding.

More information about HAH artists is available on www.HollandArtHouse.com. Join our mailing list too.