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FrameTech, located in The Arts Scene (TAS) building, is the best-equipped full service framing shop of the area. The legendary West Chester master framer Todd Olin started this frame shop in the nineties on Route 3. Because of health reasons he had to close his very successful business in 2005. Holland Art House, now also incorporated in TAS, was one of his happy and loyal customers. Todd has been working hard on his recovery and in the summer of 2006 he joined our TAS team. We are proud that this highly qualified master designer & framer, with more than 20 years of experience, will again be able to help you beautify your home and office.

What is so special about Todd Olin and FrameTech?
  • He is hardly ever suggests what you expect; his approach is (A) typical, looking more than anyone else at color and texture of anything that has to be framed. Todd will help you to enhance your work of art and not just suggest the frame that fits your interior…or taste. He has an opinion and will try to convince you, if you don’t know him, you will find out.
  • He sees framing as a “science & an art” and will choose a technique safeguarding your paintings, photos, posters, coins, flags or anything that you want to have framed.
  • Todd knows where to buy framing material on quality and… price. And you will benefit from his knowledge and negotiating skills, because FrameTechs prices are far under national retail prices.
  • Your work will never be done by an unexperienced young part time employee, which is the standard at frame shops. Like in his old place, Todd’s workshop is set up very professional, efficient and ultra clean which allows him to do an “old fashioned“ top job all by himself.
  • In most cases you only have to wait up to 2 weeks to get the job done.
Call Todd at 610-429-5454 or stop by and let him assist you to get things framed. He also loves to repair or re-condition your works of art and if he can’t help you he will gladly refer you to another trustworthy specialist.