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Many times, we´ve heard from our visitors that they fell in love with one of the works of art in our galleries. But what about those pieces of art that don´t give you the thrill anymore that once did? We don´t mean it´s bad art, it´s just that the world has changed, you changed or your tastes have changed.

We have now the solution! You consign these pieces to our consignment gallery and we will try to sell your "old" treasure. We only will charge 20 % of the value for our services - much lower than any auction house or regular art gallery will let you pay. Together we will decide on the asking price.

Because we are specialized in contemporary art, we prefer to handle mainly quality contemporary original art, limited signed art prints and art posters.

For additional information, please contact Ben Gall.

Art Auction of Consigned Art
Twice each year, The Arts Scene will host an art auction. We will offer consigned art and any other paintings and sculpture by local and emerging artists. The Arts Scene will charge a very competitive handling fee.