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Music: Drum Circles
Wolf Song/Christine Campbell
Thursday July 13, 7:30-9:00PM
Entrance donation $10 per person. Children free.
Register for this event.
Hot and cold drinks are available and BYOB.
Always ample free parking.

Wolfsong Drumming circles welcome all people who have the desire to create harmony thru drumming and singing together. Our voice and our hands are our primal means of expression. We can use them as a means of creating greater peace within and without!

Drumming, Dancing, Singing and the art of ritual have been used by all cultures from the beginning of time as ways to celebrate community and energize the members of those communities

Drumming circles are a flowing form, facilitated by a leader. All participants do not necessarily have to drum or sing. Some people may just want to listen and some may want to dance. Instruments are not needed – as our hands and our voices are quite expressive, even by themselves.

Every time a group of children, adults or a community sits down together and creates rhythmical expression, the world is a better place! North Americans are just now starting once again to rebuild and redevelop our relationship with our voice and with drums as a means for creating unity and expression.

By recreating rhythm-a-culture we are looking deep within ourselves for the essence, the sparks, the evolution/revolution back towards the circle of community.

“Our sound goes into the center and out to the whole for the healing of All. May Peace prevail! “

For more information contact Christine Campbell tel.610 696 5026 or e-mail: