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Art Show: "Nature Mystics"
Sat May 5-Tue May 29
Free entrance!
No reservation is needed.
Café Menta is open for a bite & a drink + BYOB.
Always ample free parking.

Nature Mystics

Theme group show by the Philadelphia area contemporary artists:

Nancy Agati, Peter Kinney, Joe Plageman, Paul Santoleri, Jeff Waring & Jeanne Watson-Smith

Curator of this show is artist and Westtown School Art Teacher Jeff Waring. He wrote the following essay about the show which runs until May 26th.

" Like a snake or an underground channel of water, the artists in this exhibit aim to penetrate nature’s core. They are uplifted by mysterious trails, journey through underground aquifers, and when they surface--all forms of unexpected life burst forth.
They are in awe of nature like so many spirited artists before them. Blake, Pinkham-Ryder, Avery, Hartley, Dove, O’Keefe and Carr all come to mind, as do those associated with the Brandywine tradition. But rather than follow the imitation of what strikes the eye, something sends them back to the Cave of Creation. Here they commune with canyon echoes, streambed ripples, unfolding flowers and the ground of all existence. Mysteries of form take shape-- as in springtime, when the seed breaks its walls and the sprout moves toward the light.

These artists trust in the subconscious and engage a childlike primitivism to mediate nature. Intuition and instinct play a large role as with the Abstract Expressionists or the collaborators of COBRA. We see it in the abstracted form and elemental images of their work. We hear it as they speak in essences, acknowledging a deeper reality than that which can be grasped by conscious reason. These modern-mystics are not content to capture or objectify, their desire is to hold communion with the spirit and life manifest in nature."