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Artist Studio
The Arts Scene is renting, for a flexible number of months, studio space to visual artists.

In 2006 we hosted West Chester artist Brett Walker, Downingtown painter Antonio Puri, muralist Sarah Hermans and in January 2006 the young painter Courtne Retzlaff took over Brett's space. Please send an if you would be interested in an Arts Scene studio. Depending of time of the year and the space the rent varies from $250-$600.

Antonio Puri
Antonio Puri is, what we would like to call a "Pollock" artist, because he is always working on the floor and he can be pretty messy. The end result, however is always amazing.More info at www.AntonioPuri.com

Sarah Hermans
Sarah Hermans painted several commissions on canvas which later were installed on the ceiling or walls of some homes in the area. We hope she will be back in the future to execute new commissions. More info at WWW.MainLineMurals.com

Courtne Retzlaff, a contemporary fine painter, is often using the combination of collage and painting. She recently graduated in the Arts at the University of Colorado in Boulder.