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Maarten Kraanen
"The Amsterdam artist Maarten Kraanen (34) has worked for the past two years on a ‘time machine’, intended to convey time as an experience. Psychological time does not have a graduated scale, a uniform pace, measured units. His time machine, a cross between a work of art and a clock, made from bicycle components, allows the hands to float and time to circle.

In Maarten Kraanen’s own words: "Time, as an experience, moves, flows. That’s why my clock doesn’t tick... I wanted to make a clock which tells the time in the way I see it: as a psychological experience, as something you undergo."

The time machine is not driven by a spring or a weight, but by a small, silent 60-Hz synchronous motor with a very constant rotation speed. That electronic drive connects the clock indirectly with prevailing timekeeping. Hertz are used to indicate the number of cycles or oscillations per second. In the power supply, the oscillations are carefully kept within a certain band width, which in turn is monitored by the same atomic clocks that determine standard time. Once it has been set, the whole construction of bicycle chains, wheels and spindles tells the time precisely." from Experiencing time with a TimeMachine an article in the Dutch magazine, "Psychology"