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Aryen Hart

Aryen Hart - Dutch/American artist now living in Tucson Arizona who paints with translucent pigments and polymer on burnished metal and aluminum.

Arjen van den Eerenbeemt (Aryen Hart) was born into a family of writers and visual artists in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1958. He was exposed to many different and inspiring stimuli during his youth, and developed a strong interest in spirituality, psychology, and the arts through his parents' public and renowned literary careers.

After changing his career orientation from electronics to meditative arts during the mid-eighties, Arjen explored the blending of the two. After moving to the United States in 1986, he discontinued the electronic art projects in favor of a more direct approach to his artistic vision. Through the blending of his scientific and spiritual interests, Arjen conceived his contemporary meditative abstractions.

His Color is applied using a pigment and polymer combination that is lightfast. Due to the high reflectivity of his artwork, the visual qualities respond well to direct lighting and like the quality of a sunset, also low light levels.

They are the embodiment of the soul, the energy and contemplative nature of humanity in this century.