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Art Show: "a Breath of Fresh Air"
Fri Jun 1-Sat Jul 7
Free entrance!
No reservation is needed.
Always ample free parking.

Artist Drew Leshko curates A Breath of Fresh Air, which highlights intriguing and inventive young, local artists who are pushing the boundaries of Contemporary Art. The show features artists John Garrett Slaby, Keith Garcia, Tobias Waite, Lorrie Nicholas, and Drew Leshko.
Painter John Garrett Slaby emphasizes fun, excitement, friends, and exploration of nature and our environmental impact. His relatively small, yet detailed compositions have an illustrative quality that allows the viewer to connect with the work from a perspective that is purely the viewers’ and not dictated by the artist.
Keith Garcia narrates a story of a fictitious “Jaguar Land.” The protagonist in the body of work, Jaguar Man has found himself submersed in this strange place. Half of the characters are friends, the other half are enemies. The friends and foes, however, are not always apparent. It is the viewer’s duty to discern who is good, and who is evil, whether a celebrity, public figure, creature, or anonymous person.
Lorrie Nicholas has been perfecting the technique of painting with light through her photographs. Using long exposures between 30 minutes to an hour, Nicholas strategically illuminates objects that are in complete darkness using only a flashlight. Her selective process highlights certain elements while omitting others. The final outcome of her works appear to be Photoshop manipulations when in fact, they are recorded and presented solely by film.
Tobias Waite painstakingly creates layered works on paper. Using ink, paint, and intricate paper collage. His detailed work is presented in a fun manner, but is extremely sophisticated in execution. Occasionally utilizing found photographs, Waite overlays his drawings and collage to re-interpret the imagery and dictate a narrative.
Drew Leshko creates tabletop sculptures that are the subjects in his photographs. His “moc-umentary” style has close ties to objective documentary projects, but points in a new direction: perceptions of reality. He attempts to trick the viewer to believing his studio creations are massive structures, when in they actually stand only a few inches tall. His newest series, Water Tower Typology, pays homage to Berndt and Hilla Becher who captured documentary studies of industrial structures.